Wanna Be


I’ve wanted to do a blog for quite some time but never really knew what to write about and frankly was afraid of putting myself out there for people to judge, but combining efforts with a couple close gal pals made it easier to get over myself and take the leap.

After a challenging 2013, full of breakups, health issues, and new role at work, I am ready to take 2014 head on. Last year was the wakeup call I think I needed. I’ve set some lofty goals for myself this year and want to make a serious dent on my Day Zero list.

One goal that I set for myself is to race my first Triathlon. I’ve wanted to race a tri now for the past couple years and was afraid another race season would go by with me on the sidelines so I signed up with Team in Training to race Banff, Subaru Triathlon. The reason I went the TIT route is because you have to commit to raise a minimum amount for the Lymphoma Society of Canada, by doing this I am minimizing the potential for excuses. Now, it’s out there, it’s real and people are donating to my fundraising efforts which means no turning back now (gulp). I am terrified, a little out of shape and did I mention a TERRIBLE swimmer.  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot besides the obvious… learning how to swim.  Official training starts in May, and I’ll be chronicling the ups and downs of a wannabe triathlete.



3 thoughts on “Wanna Be

  1. Good for you to go after his goal even if it is very challenging. Don’t let fear get in your way! I did my first marathon at age 52 last year. I get the terrified part. 🙂

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