Shit just got real


Ok, it’s becoming more and more real. I met with the fundraising and support crew from Team in Training to get the low down on what the heck I got myself into. They were great and answered all my questions about training and fundraising, and shared stories about past participants who were survivors or ambassadors. I left thinking I was happy I signed up and that this was all for a great cause,  but a huge part of me is still beyond nervous.

I am  currently a little over $500 into my fundraising efforts, which I think is not too bad for the first few weeks. Only $2000 more to go; doable right? I just need to break it down into smaller chunks so that the number doesn’t seem so intimidating.

Official training doesn’t start for the program until the end of May, but the more people I tell I am doing this race the more freaked out I get, specifically about the swimming. The swimming will not only be a huge physical feat for me (I am a strong doggie paddler at best), but also a psychological accomplishment for me. Apparently Two Jack Lake is freezing, legit freezing. It’s made up of mostly glacier run off, brrrr. Yes, I will be in a wet suit, which will help slightly with the cold BUT it’s a wet suit and those things do not seem very… err …  forgiving. I’ve been contemplating joining a couple group swims around Calgary before “official” training starts that way I’m not completely embarrassed come May.  The girls with TIT though were sweet and reassured me that there are a variety of skill levels and that I shouldn’t be too concerned. My roommate and boyfriend have a completely different opinion though, they have even gone as far as saying they won’t let me race unless I can prove I can swim two laps of the pool nonstop. This maybe a deal breaker. The stubborn competitive side of me says I will swim those laps if it kills me, even if it wouldn’t be a pretty site, but the logical side of me is saying maybe they are on to something.

With reality setting in, its time to formulate a plan of attack.  Deep down I know that means hitting the pool before the end of may, but what the heck do you bring to the pool for your first time swimming laps? Do I need a swim cap? One piece or active two piece bathing suit? Goggles? Looks like I am off to Google “Lap Swimming for Dummies” – wish me luck and stay tuned for what I am sure will be interesting day at the pool.


5 thoughts on “Shit just got real

  1. You need a one piece, goggles, and a cap if you have long hair. Work on body position, and breathing first. Then you can worry about distance.

    google total immersion swimming for some great videos on body position.

    Best of luck!

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