Burger love

canvas1We were hoping to be among the first to take advantage of ‘Burger Week’ here in Calgary, but in true Amy fashion, I mixed up the start date and we found out that it doesn’t start until May 2nd – whoops. Already seated on their patio, we decided to give Canvas a shot (it helped that Calgary finally blessed us with a gorgeous day).

Sensing our disappointment, the waitress did us a solid and asked the chef if we could still take advantage of their feature burger. Sunshine AND advance burger week screening? Not today it seems. They did however mention a special lamb option forcing our hand to select the intriguing offering.

Ordering the bison burger with rainbow carrot fries, this messy contraption was the bomb! There was zero worry of me going hungry after devouring the hefty portion. It  was surprisingly very moist and flavorful. The rainbow carrot fries were ok. Tossed in a lime dressing, they really just tasted like carrots covered in a lot of oil, yet somehow I didn’t feel as guilty as if I had ordered the fries.


Ken, ordered the lamb burger with a cesar salad, which I obviously had to try… you know quality control. As with the bison, the lamb was incredibly juicy and packed full of flavor. The use of fresh herbs really elevated the taste and paired with the light aioli, made for some tremendously satisfying bites. I mean quality control checks.

Canvas has been re-opened for about 3 months now, so it isn’t overly busy – meaning less wait times and cheaper bill totals. You can get in and out in decent time without damaging the pocket book too much. The patio at Canvas Bistro is a great gem that gets lots of sun light, if only they lost an umbrella or two, this might become a fantastic summer lunch option.

Ps: Did I mention they have wine deals on Thursdays?



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