Chocolate: A love story

I am confident in saying most of my friends associate me with chocolate. Immediately you must think it’s because I’m super sweet. I assure you, while true (toot toot! – tooting my own horn?) mainly it’s because I grew up with a father that worked for a chocolate company for my whole life. Good choice Pops. It really helped my lunch bartering when I was in elementary school.
Then to help the association really stick, I decided to follow in his chocoatley footsteps and work for a chocolate company as well. I will post another time as to why I’m now more associated with mac & cheese…tbc.
Are you wondering if you are a choco-holic? Have you almost gone into work with chocolate smears on your forehead?

It’s okay, I’m a special breed. However, I have created a list for people who join me in that specific breed!

1) You can name the top 5 chocolate bars in Canada (HINT: no one ever guesses right)

2) White Chocolate is dumb. You know this is not real chocolate, right?

3) Dark Chocolate is extremely healthy. I mean, I couldn’t even link all the articles to support this. Mix it with red wine? Anti-oxidant overload?! You’re welcome body.

4) You know 75% is the best percentage…and 85% when you are feeling daring

5) You know Cadbury chocolate from the UK is vastly different than Cadbury NA – Please note you can find Curly Wurly’s at your local Walmart.

6) You know when you diet, chocolate is the only cheat that doesn’t really count

7) You know a bowl of fruit for ‘dessert’ is beyond laughable.

8) “Girl, give me a square” is a super cool way to ask for chocolate

9) You have woken up from a nightmare where you are floating down Willy Wonka’s river uncontrollably

10) You know, you + chocolate = happiness and whoever doesn’t get that, just doesn’t get you!

Love xox!
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