Fall in Love with Hoi An

Happy Wednesday my travel loves! The sun is shining and it is a beautiful spring day. I feel inspired by this gorgeous weather, which takes me back to one of the places I fell in love with on my recent travels to Vietnam. Hoi An is an amazing destination and a MUST SEE if you are headed to ‘Nam. Not only are there tons of activities (biking, beaching, tailor shops and site seeing anyone?), the quaint, lovely vibe of the small city will instantly relax you.

Here is a list of my top things to eat, see and do in Hoi An:



Two words for you: Sun River. This magical place just opened when we visited Hoi An and I have no doubt it will get popular really quickly. It is an unbeatable price point (about $35 dollars a night for a water view), fantastic service and beautiful clean rooms. The location is about a 5-10 minute bike to old town and it is right on the river. Very peaceful but close to the action! Did I mention it has a pool and the bikes are free!? Need I say more…



In Hoi An there are so many restaurant options, it can be overwhelming! If you are looking for yummy Vietnamese food in a laidback atmosphere, Coco’s in the place for you. Situated on the river on the way to the beach, you will enjoy a wide variety of local food! Try the seafood noodles….mmmm….



When in Hoi An, one MUST get clothes made. Famous for tailor shops lining the streets, you can get some amazing items made for a great price! I got an amazing J Crew inspired jacket, a fur vest and a leather skirt made, just to name a few (I may have gone a bit overboard). We used Quoc Huy Tailor in old town – they were great. Very helpful and decent prices. One recommendation: look around quite a bit before settling on a tailor. Lots of hotels get paid a commission for recommending tailors so don’t go to the first one! Take your time…

I hope you are feeling inspired after this post! Happy Travelling, my loves.


One thought on “Fall in Love with Hoi An

  1. Great post. Just a note on looking around to compare tailors. Some visitors encounter awkward situations doing this. When you enter a store in Viet Nam, from the shop keeper’s perspective you’ve shown intent to purchase. Recently I read a blog post by a visiting couple who didn’t like the fabrics, stated this, walked out, and the shop keepers tried to encourage them to come back, so the visitors blamed their distinterest on the price and said $130 for a suit was too expensive, and started bargaining for a cheaper price, even though they weren’t interested. The shop keeper agreed on $100, but they still walked off. Later a local, who was related to the people in the shop asked them why they didn’t buy anything, annoying them further.

    It’s quite a delicate scenario. I think we naturally like to window shop. If you don’t like the selection of fabrics, just say that and walk away. If you’re seeking a better price, it may be useful to think about the wider context. If you purchase from a boutique tailor, you’re supporting owner/operators with incredible skills. I really admire how talented Vietnamese tailors are. If you think about the price in context of clothing prices where you’re from, you’re not comparing the same thing. It’s likely that the clothes in the shops where you’re from are made in those awful factories that treat their workers terribly, employ children, don’t pay workers enough, provide terrible working conditions, and even do things like lock their workers in.

    Food for thought..

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