Summer Lovin’

Being new-ish to Calgary from Vancouver, I knew I was walking into a colder climate and a much longer winter. I try my best to embrace it, but I blame my mild weather upbringing on not being able to adjust that smoothly. Not that it was all horrible, because it was pretty easy to pick an outfit all winter: black boots, leggings and a large jacket.

To get in the summer mood, I wanted to talk about some things I’m most excited for! I also think I really love lists…so just amuse me and let me know what you are most pumped for!!

1)      Tanned skin. Not just for me because, let’s be real, we don’t swoon over tall, “dark” and handsome for no reason.

2)      Sangria on the Patio. I adore the question us girls ask each other every time, “should we just get a pitcher?”

3)      Stampede. This is my second year. Last year we contemplated wearing go-pro cameras on our hats…glad that didn’t pan out.

4)      Hiking and exploring. Lake Louise, Waterton, drives to Vancouver and many other places I want to go. Open to suggestions!!

5)      Long weekends at the cabin. Lakes, boats, summer games, and meeting new friends. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

Love xox



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