For the love of goggles

20140616-213720-77840164.jpgOk… I knew getting in the pool  and learning to swim was going to be challenging, but what I wasn’t expecting was how darn difficult it would be to decide which pair of goggles to buy. Have you ever checked your local sport store for swim goggles? Three stands of goggles at various price points that all look identical – how the heck do you choose? Needless to say I was overwhelmed.
Go with the cheapest and hope for the best? Go for the most expensive and  hope price point is a reflection of quality? Apparently there are a couple tricks to finding goggles, or at least that’s what some random lady told me while I stood perplexed staring at the racks. Her advice to me was to look for two things when buying swim goggles:
1)      Ensure ample suction when you remove the goggles from your face
2)      Buy antifog
I am not sure if she was just being nice or hoping I’d  a choice and get out of the way; regardless I took her word as law, bought my goggles and trotted back to work. I hit the pool again tomorrow so be prepared for an update or rant depending how they fair out. Although let’s face it, I am only still learning how to breath properly while pushing a flutter board… gotta start somewhere folks.

What are your tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair of goggles?

From your resident wanna be swimmer/triathlete



2 thoughts on “For the love of goggles

  1. If you have problems with fog, spit into them before use and rub into the inside of the cup. Dunk in water only once and wear…. This helps me. Also, you can get anti-fog stuff from a scuba shop. Depending on the lens, apparently toothpaste will work as well.

    My friends who I swim with like a more flexible rim thing. They find it keeps water out.

    Not sure if these are tries tested and true… But thought I would share.

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