Strength Series: Upper Body Workout

Hey everyone!

So I’m a big fan of strength training. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think cardio is important. But if you really want to tone up your body and see some results – you’re going to have to pick up those weights!

I think a lot of women are a little nervous about weight training because they are scared to bulk up – but trust me that’s not that case! It actually increases your fat burning ability and allows you to burn way more calories throughout the day, even continuing into the day after your workout!

I’ve decided to start posting some simple strength exercises that you can pretty much do anywhere with a set of medium to heavy dumbbells. This post is all about the upper body – because who doesn’t want sexy toned arms for the summer!?

I start off every workout with a half hour of cardio – this can either be the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike and I usually like to throw in 10 minutes of the stairmaster (because it’s magic!).

There are a total of six exercises broken up into supersets of two. Complete each superset of two before moving onto the next superset.

-Dumbbell Shoulder Press -3 sets of 20
-Bench Dips – 3 sets of 15

-Dumbbell Chestpress – 3 sets of 15
-Dumbbell Lateral Raise – 3 sets of 15

-Barbell Curls (Can use dumbbells is a barbell isn’t available) – 3 sets of 15
-Cable Pull Down (Try a Dumbbell KickBack if you don’t have access to a machine) – 3 sets of 15

Challenge yourself with the amount of weight you use. I would recommend nothing less than 8lbs for everything but the lateral raise. Those you may need to use a bit less.

If you’re unsure what some of the above exercises are, look them up on They seriously have instructional videos for every exercise you can think of!! They also have some amazing fitness advice on there so definitely check it out.

Don’t be afraid of lifting some weights ladies – it’s all about feeling strong and confident….And feeling that burnnnnn the next day 🙂
Happy Lifting!


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