The Basics: Eyeliner

First off, I do not claim to be an expert. I do claim to be somewhat obsessive with learning about makeup. One of my favourite things is to play around with different eye shadow and create various shadow/liner combos.

Make up is funny because from a young age we women are told we need to start using 3 things: mascara, blush/bronzer, and eyeliner. I remember my feeble attempts in highschool trying to put on eyeliner. Like, I’m supposed to just put black around my eyes and call it a day?? Cool. Lemme just do that and hope for the best.

As the years have gone on, I’ve tried many different techniques, formulas and strategies to get that black rimmed look, but not look like I drew two circles around the outside of my eyeballs. Why you ask? When done right, it can completely finish a look, create fuller looking lashes and be the only thing you need paired with mascara.

Okay, enough talk. Let’s look at our options…

1) Gel pencil   2) Liquid Liner    3) Gel Liner   4) Shadow


What did I use?

Pencil: Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Black (under$10)

Liquid: NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black (under $5!)

Gel Liner: L’Oreal Infallible in Blackest Black (over $10)

Eye Shawdow: Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet using “Blackout” shade ($60+)

Tip time–> I don’t have overly big eyes. When applying eyeliner, I try my best to have a very thin line in the inner corner and work my way out having the thickest towards the end. This helps to keep the eye more open. *Disclaimer* may have done crappy job at showcasing that.


–> Pencil is the easiest to smudge into your lash line in a hurry. I would not use a pencil to outline an intense eyeshadow look since it might not be dramatic enough. I like to draw the line, smudge it out with a brush, add mascara, and run out that door!

–>Liquid Liner takes practice, but can provide multiple different looks.  I love the precise line you can achieve and dramatic effect. This is a perfect pairing to complete a dark smokey eye.  Don’t be afraid to give this is a try and use this to create a nice flick to elongate your eye.

–> Gel Liner is my personal FAVE. I like the brush that the L’Oreal brand provides. This glides on easily over eyeshadow and leaves an intense black outline. I find it is a little more forgiving than liquid since the formula is thicker and you can build it up.

–>Eye Shadow is great for a softer look. Paired with some mascara or as an accent to a more natural look makes this a great transition from a day event to a night event.

Since I was having so much fun painting my eyes, I decided to try a more dramatic “cat eye” look!

cateye  TIP! Keep your eye open, look straight into the mirror, and start your line from the corner of your bottom lashes. Then start your next line at the top of your lashes, connect it up to the line and fill it in. Something fun to try!

Questions? I still have some, but feel free to ask with me!

Love! xo

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