Curl up in front of the TV, winter is coming

The weather outside is definitely starting to turn and there are even rumors of snow in the next few days. Gosh I hope those are wrong; but the inevitable is bound to come, this is Canada after all. Colder weather means a couple things those ski bunnies will be hitting the mountains most weekend but for those not skilled in downhill skiing it means more nights in cuddled up in front of the TV. I’ve recently been exposed a few new shows and thought I’d share my nights in TV list with you all. Knowing my Netflix library of these shows won’t last all winter, I am open to some suggestions, so share your favorite series below.

  • house of cardsHouse of Cards – How the heck have I never heard of this politico drama until now still amazes me. If you are looking for a pretty intense political drama full of twists, turns and suspense this is the show for you.
  • mindy projectMindy Project – The ladies will love this one. It follows a 30 something doctor around on her quests for the perfect husband. It is hilarious! Some vino and this show, equals the perfect girls night in.
  • SuitsSuits – Two words: Harvey Specter.

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