DIY Crayon Lipstick

This is a very cool DIY that I got from Pinterest and YouTube! I was skeptical at first, as I am not one to take on crafty projects and find much success. However, I have been using my little pot of crayon lipstick every day since!

Here’s what you need:

–> Coconut Oil

–> Crayola Crayons (This brand is non-toxic)

–> Glass jar (not in pic)

–>Small containers (try the dollar store)


Here are the colours I tried! My absolute favourite is the pink/red one.  The purple I made a little too thick and did not quite turn out the way I anticipated…


1.  Heat up a couple inches of water in a pot and place the small jar in the middle

2. Cut up the crayon into peices and take the wrapping off

3. Measure out 1 tsp of coconut oil into the jar and let it melt


4. Add 1 crayon and stir until they are melted

5. Pour into little containers and put in the fridge

6. Voila!!



If you use the 1 crayon to 1 tsp of coconut oil ratio, you get a nice sheer gloss.  I found this to be the best combo in all the different ways I tried!

Let me know if you try this and what you think!!





The Basics: Brushes

Makeup brushes can be pretty important when using various products. It may seem minor, but once I started buying them I was hooked.  Did you know you can buy a luxury powder brush for $70!? I used to find that really insane, but now it’s what my dreams are made of…
Where to start!?

I would suggest you need the following brushes to start:

-Flat shader brush –> This is to apply eyeshadow over your entire lid

-Crease brush –> I have probably 5 of these and always on the lookout for more. They are big and fluffy and meant to blend colour into your crease

-Foundation Brush –> I will write an entire post on this. But I like using a brush waay better than slapping it on my face…unless I’m in a rush of course. TIP: most makeup sponges absorb too much of the product!

-Blush & Bronzer brush –> Essential. I like spending a little extra money on these brushes because it feels like a treat when they are high quality.

Where can I buy brushes?!

Walmart/London Drugs –> These places carry my absolute favourite line of brushes. The line feels very high end, but don’t cost half your life and it’s called Real Techniques. They are created by makeup artist sisters who have a very helpful YouTube channel to give you amazing makeup tips. TIP! Check Winners for these brushes! I have bought a few from there for an amazing price.

Another line is Eco Tools. They have some great eye shadow brushes to make applying very easy and affordable.

Sephora –> The first nice brushes I ever got were a gift from my mom and I still use them. To get the best value, I recommend buying a set to start. Or if you have some already, Sephora also has a range of single brushes. A great thing is that they offer lower end and higher end varities. Remember…if the product turns out to be terrible, you can return it!

Check out the link and get familiar with different brushes!

Happy shopping xo



The Basics: Eyeliner

First off, I do not claim to be an expert. I do claim to be somewhat obsessive with learning about makeup. One of my favourite things is to play around with different eye shadow and create various shadow/liner combos.

Make up is funny because from a young age we women are told we need to start using 3 things: mascara, blush/bronzer, and eyeliner. I remember my feeble attempts in highschool trying to put on eyeliner. Like, I’m supposed to just put black around my eyes and call it a day?? Cool. Lemme just do that and hope for the best.

As the years have gone on, I’ve tried many different techniques, formulas and strategies to get that black rimmed look, but not look like I drew two circles around the outside of my eyeballs. Why you ask? When done right, it can completely finish a look, create fuller looking lashes and be the only thing you need paired with mascara.

Okay, enough talk. Let’s look at our options…

1) Gel pencil   2) Liquid Liner    3) Gel Liner   4) Shadow


What did I use?

Pencil: Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Black (under$10)

Liquid: NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black (under $5!)

Gel Liner: L’Oreal Infallible in Blackest Black (over $10)

Eye Shawdow: Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet using “Blackout” shade ($60+)

Tip time–> I don’t have overly big eyes. When applying eyeliner, I try my best to have a very thin line in the inner corner and work my way out having the thickest towards the end. This helps to keep the eye more open. *Disclaimer* may have done crappy job at showcasing that.


–> Pencil is the easiest to smudge into your lash line in a hurry. I would not use a pencil to outline an intense eyeshadow look since it might not be dramatic enough. I like to draw the line, smudge it out with a brush, add mascara, and run out that door!

–>Liquid Liner takes practice, but can provide multiple different looks.  I love the precise line you can achieve and dramatic effect. This is a perfect pairing to complete a dark smokey eye.  Don’t be afraid to give this is a try and use this to create a nice flick to elongate your eye.

–> Gel Liner is my personal FAVE. I like the brush that the L’Oreal brand provides. This glides on easily over eyeshadow and leaves an intense black outline. I find it is a little more forgiving than liquid since the formula is thicker and you can build it up.

–>Eye Shadow is great for a softer look. Paired with some mascara or as an accent to a more natural look makes this a great transition from a day event to a night event.

Since I was having so much fun painting my eyes, I decided to try a more dramatic “cat eye” look!

cateye  TIP! Keep your eye open, look straight into the mirror, and start your line from the corner of your bottom lashes. Then start your next line at the top of your lashes, connect it up to the line and fill it in. Something fun to try!

Questions? I still have some, but feel free to ask with me!

Love! xo

Day At The Races

This Canada Day the Betties decided to try something a little different….steering away from the typical red & white outdoor festivities and fireworks, we attended an exclusive horse racing event at the Millarville Racetrack, and let me tell you – it was quite the scene.

Quoted as “the most sophisticated and playful event of the summer”, Packwood Grand is an event for Calgary’s socialite society to get dressed up the old fashioned way and take in some exciting thoroughbred horse racing. Think Kentucky Derby style, complete with big hats, mint julips and a cigar bar.

Although we did miss most of the actual horse racing, we did win a collective $2 on our bets and did some serious mix & mingling with some extremely well-dressed individuals.

The event had a hugeeee emphasis on fashion, partnering with Holt Renfrew and some of Calgary’s top fashion stylists, they took the term ‘fancy’ to a whole other level. And although I think I hit the mark with my red lipstick and pleated dress, I felt out of place without a gigantic hat or fascinator on my head… unlike my fellow betties, I definitely missed that memo!

2014-07-02 14.45.45

Packwood Grand was most definitely a distinct social experience, and although there were a few hiccups as there usually are with debut events, overall it did not disappoint. And next year I will NOT be forgetting a hat or fascinator… I might event make my own….


Too much?


Ohhhh Canada!

As a proud Canadian, our nation’s birthday is one of my absolute favourite holidays! It is a time to kick summer off with family & friends, enjoy BBQs and cottage nights, and celebrate the true North strong and free! To top it off, red and white is an UNREAL colour combo…am I right?

However you will be spending this Canada Day, here are some of my fav red and white combos for any occasion:

Fancy Dress-Up:
Channel your inner Kate Middleton and wear a fancy white dress with red accessories!


Cottage Chic:
Haven’t you heard that overalls are all the rage? Chill out on the lake in the cute outfit from Top Shop!

6-27-2014 1-51-55 PM
6-27-2014 1-54-23 PM

Urban Patio Hopping:
Staying in the city? Patio hop wearing this super amazing dress from Club Monaco. Psssss…’s on sale!

6-27-2014 1-59-07 PM

Happy Canada Day, my loves! Hope you celebrate in style!
Xo Erin

The Red Lip

The red lip is perfect any time of the year. In summer, bold lips are the easiest way to take your daytime look into night. The problem is that they can be messy!! You don’t want to be checking your lipstick every five minutes, which is why I normally stay far away from it when going on a date, or out for a work event. Usually at those types of events no one is going to tell you you have red teeth or that your red lips match your now red chin.  I’ve also found lipstick on the top of my forehead? Who knows..

I have tried many different techniques in order to avoid such scenarios best I can and thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

For these lips, I am really into a matte finish and love this red hue on my olive skin type, I’m using Kate Moss Rimmel Matte lipstick in ‘111’ and the waterproof Sephora retractable lip liner in ‘Red’.

Find it here: and

Step 1: Lipliner is insanely important for bold lips! This particular one is waterproof and prevents the bleeding of the colour outside of your lips. I don’t have an obvious cupids bow, so I always draw an “x” to help a girl out.
Step 2: Outline your entire lip with the liner. It may look a bit funny, but try little strokes so you don’t completely draw it everywhere. Another thing you can do is take your liner outside your lip line a little bit to create a poutier pout (technical term…).
Step 3: Important step! Fill in most of your lips with the lip liner since this is a great base for your lipstick. Then put on your first coat of lipstick.
**TRICK TIME: take a tissue and blot your lips now. This will increase the wear of your red lips a lot longer!!

Step 4: Add your top coat and voila!

The other red I love:
MAC ‘Red’ Satin Finish

Hope you enjoyed and since I’m now a Sephora “VIB” member I may start posting more reviews on products or tips on what products are worth putting into your collection.

For the love of: Mascara

As I was putting this post together I constantly kept thinking how weird it is that we paint eyelashes in black most days of the week?
With makeup being a new hobby, I’m always curious how high end compares to makeup from the drug store. I love browsing Sephora and talking to the girls there…mainly so I can geek out about products. I wanted to see if any high end mascara could top my favorite $12 L’Oreal Telescopic.
So I conducted the ultimate experiment and used my face to demonstrate.

First up: Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara $32
In doing my extensive research (I asked 3 Sephora employees?) I discovered this mascara has been Lancome’s best seller for many years. This is specific for creating and building volume in the lashes. Lemme say, it can definitely build volume…but it is not user friendly: Exhibit A:

Maybe I just suck at putting on mascara (c’est possible)? It was tough to use I got a nice little clump I had to brush through with another wand and it got all over my eyelid.
Verdict? I returned it. I don’t need stumpy, clumpy lashes.

Next contender: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $31
This was the other suggestion that I not only heard from the Sephora crew, but have been seeing it in YouTube tutorials lately. And who doesn’t like a racy name? I was intrigued.
Exhibit B:
THE CLAIM IS TRUE! Man, I love this mascara!! User-friendly and it makes my lashes truly feathery, full and gives them length. The first photo is when I applied just ONE application and the last photo is putting on the absurd amount I prefer.

I hope you found this somewhat informative and if you have a favourite mascara you can’t live without…let me know!

Glitter & Gold

I am by no means the fashionista of the group…but I do LOVEEEE rustic gold jewelry and thought I would highlight a few of my favorite pieces and where you can find similar pieces for relatively cheap!

I would consider my style to be pretty basic. By that I mean I’m a big fan of everything black and regretfully I am not a big pattern person…I call it “Hobo Chic”, but some may disagree on the “chic” part once in a while 🙂  I do find that a great way to spruce up my outfits is with a great statement necklace or some chunky bracelets and bangles.
Here are some of my favorite rustic gold necklaces:

Pair any of these with a basic white tee and jeans and you’re good to go! They are so versatile, that you can seriously add them to almost any outfit to increase the fancy element a tad.


I’m a big online shopper for ALL things including jewelry. I think it’s way easier to find what you’re looking for instead of spending hours at the mall (just my opinion). The majority of my purchases come from sites such as: Hautelook, Esther, Asos and Nasty Gal. Another amazing site for cheap statement necklaces is Rouche, it seriously has similar necklaces to places such as JCrew, but at a fraction of the cost!

Surprisingly, I find a lot of my jewelry in consignment stores! Don’t be afraid of them! You can find some great pieces for an amazing deal – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. My favorite consignment stores in Calgary are both in Kensington: Peacock Boutique and Trend Fashions 🙂

I also recently dragged my mother to the Antique Show in Red Deer and found a lovely gold cuff bracelet for $15! (see below). It’s crazy how some really old pieces are coming back into style now.


Cuff on left: Anique Show
Chain on right: Sugar Blossom Design

Happy Hunting!


Hong Kong Style: Day to Night

There are two things in this world that make my heart sing: 1) traveling the globe and 2) soaking up all things style. For me, the two go hand in hand. Nothing gets me more excited than putting together outfits for my next adventure. That’s why I am thrilled to share with you some travel style in my very first SheBettie post!

On my recent trip to Asia, I fell in LOVE with buzzing city of Hong Kong. Roof top bars, lush green landscape, city views, unreal dim sum…need I say more? The vibrant energy of the city is infectious; day or night there is always SOMETHING to explore in the city. To top it off, I absolutely loved embracing the Hong Kong street style. Check out my go-to day and night looks during my recent adventure, full of playsuits, pops of colour and fun accessories!


Wander the streets in a breezy camisole with fun high waisted shorts. Pair it with blue, mirrored Ray Ban aviators plus a chic top bun and you are good to go! This look is perfect for cruising the Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong.


Camisole and Shorts from Aritzia.
Aviators by Ray-Ban.

Enjoy drinks at the Peak in a saucy, pink playshuit (check out the lace details in the back!). Pair is with a sparkly Tory Burch cross-body bag and a glass of bubbly!

267  274

Pink playuit from Top Shop and purse from Tory Burch.

Lots of love!

April Lips

I have been looking forward to Spring for many reasons. It’s the time when everyone in Calgary start to come out of hibernation and I get to start obsessing over bright new lipsticks.
Coral! Peach! Pink! Orange! Nude! Fun!
You should know that one of my favourite hobbies is making a delicious cup of coffee and watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. Nicole, Carli, Shannon and PixieWoo are my girls!

For this month I’ve picked two of my current favorites and go-to’s that I’m constantly reaching for.

Lips April
1) Lip Paint in Hibiscus by Top Shop

This colour is more than eye catching, it’s poppin’. One of those colours that you test on your hand, smile, and know the rest of your day can’t be bad. It is a deep pink/red and acts like a stain so it has amazing staying power. Have you tried any Top Shop products you love?!

2) Apocolips in Aurora by Rimmel London

Dark dusty rose? That’s what came to mind first trying to describe the colour. Yeah, I’m hoping I get better at descriptive words also. It is very easy to apply, not sticky and very wearable for people who are a little nervous about lip colours.

Take it for what it’s worth, but I’m loving this for something to put on during a work day. Throw on some mascara, this lipstick and you got it going on!

Picture: Hibiscus on top and Aurora below



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