I fell in love… with Boston

I came to Boston for a Risk conference and ended up falling in love with this city. I’ve been here since Tuesday night and minus a luggage snafu it’s been great. I am actually shocked how much I enjoy it here. So much green space!! Seems like every few blocks there is a small green space or a park. People here seem to be quite active which I suppose makes sense, as home to one of the world’s largest and most recognized marathon’s I really shouldn’t be surprised. The people here are beyond friendly which I wasn’t expecting. They remind me of people from back home, must be an East Coast thing 😊.

This city is rich with history and we got a glimpse into some of it via the local Duck Tour, which is hilariously educational if you haven’t heard of it. It’s a land/sea tour aboard a “duck”, a W.W.I.I style amphibious landing vehicle that cruises by many of the historic landmarks here.

As a non baseball fan I must say that there is just something enchanting about Fenway Park. I’ve been to other MLB games but this one was a neat experience for sure.

BUT on-top of everything I’ve already mentioned it’s the food here that really makes this city a home run. I haven’t had one bad meal since I’ve been here. Mike’s Pastry’s PB cannoli are so good they ought to be illegal. I haven’t had any left overs from any restaurant on the North End which is a feat because the portion size of the homemade breads and pastas are gigantic. (Definitely going to have to have a mini detox when I get back home)

There was one spot in particular we tried in the North End called Giacomo’s, a local favourite as judged by the line outside. This gem of a spot has no words to really describe it. Don’t let the line out front deter you because this is a spot is not to be missed on your trip. Italian and delicious, loud, a little chaotic, and obnoxiously amazing. The portions for the price they charge are insane, we’d never see something like this in Calgary. We ordered the chicken and cheese agnolotti, and the 1/2 lobster mussels clams over linguini which my boyfriend described as “fucking delicious” his words not mine. This no frills cash only restaurant with bottles… Yes Bottles of wine starting at only $18! Boston you my friends know food.

With a couple days left of my visit there are still quite a few things I want to see, Harvard Square and Frost Bar to name a couple but obviously as Canadiens and hockey fans were are clearly busy Saturday night when game 5 rolls into town.